So cool! I don't get car sick anymore. ~ Rach

How I Helped My Dog Get Over Car Sickness.

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Does your dog get car sick? Have you had trouble getting them over it?

We had the same problem!

For over two years, Rach (pronounced Rock) got severely car sick beginning from the moment he came to live with us at 14 weeks.

We tried everything, just as I suspect you did!

One day I decided I was getting him over this. It was no way for an awesome dog to live!

So I stopped all car travel and created a plan, an extensive plan. This book shares exactly how we got Rach over his car sickness.

Our plan takes patience, perseverance and dedication. But believe me, once you try it, you will be so glad that you did. Your dog will thank you!

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The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

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Watch Rach's video after three months of behavior training
to get over his severe car sickness!



Joy Mason

Friends, check out this book. Purchase it and share it with friends whose dogs have the same problem, share it with your veterinary clinic as well. Leslie May took a lot of time, love, intelligence and perseverance to get her boy over car sickness. You can certainly benefit from this book.

The Pet Blog Lady

Written by Leslie May, How I Helped My Dog Get Over Car Sickness, is a clear and concise account of how she helped her beloved dog, Rach, not only lose his fear of car rides, but how she cured him of the “car barfies.”

Rach’s life in photos!

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